Website Renewal Announcement of Saint-Gobain in Japan


Website Renewal Announcement of Saint-Gobain in Japan

December 1st, 2014


Thank you for viewing the website of Saint-Gobain in Japan.

We have launched our renewed website, in hopes of conveying the strengths of Saint-Gobain in Japan to more people.

  • - Innovative web design (responsive web design will allow smooth reading on smartphones and tablets)
  • - Increasing information about Saint-Gobain in Japan, and the Saint-Gobain Group
  • - In-depth information about products, solutions, case studies, and informative materials

We hope this renewed website will be a source of useful information for you to understand Saint-Gobain in Japan. We will strive to make this website be a touchpoint for us to supply various products and solutions.


Saint-Gobain Group

The Saint-Gobain Group is a global corporate organization centering on Compagnie de Saint-Gobain that includes more than 1,200 affiliated companies, who engage in the development, manufacturing and sales of state-of-the-art construction products and high-performance materials that contribute toward sustainable economic growth. The Group employs approximately 190,000 people who are active in 64 countries, and Group sales reached €42 billion in 2013.

Saint-Gobain in Japan

In 1986, the Saint-Gobain Group established the wholly owned subsidiary Saint-Gobain K.K. in Japan (headquarters: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo). The Saint-Gobain Group employees nearly 1,000 people in Saint-Gobain K.K. and other subsidiaries and joint corporations, which carry out manufacturing, distribution, research and development, and other such operations for flat glass, insulation materials and high-performance materials (ceramics, crystals, plastics, refractory materials and abrasives) in Japan.