Safety Initiatives

Serving manufacturing, distribution, and research and development markets, Saint-Gobain Group has a strong commitment towards safety. The Group and all employees put high priority on ensuring safety.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with international standards or customized to fulfill specific customer requirements. Our modern Quality and EHS systems operate in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Copies of the certificates are available upon request.

To ensure Saint-Gobain quality, which is set far higher than standard certification levels, we have implemented a number of programs to strictly control our manufacturing processes and to share best practices among all our sites. Our R&D teams are actively involved to permanently enhance this process towards increased quality of our products and increased safety for our workers.

Our production teams have developed original solutions to protect workers from dust and fumes. We have established strict health and safety standards applicable in all our operations worldwide, including Japan. Audits are regularly performed in all our plants to check the implementation of these standards.

Saint-Gobain Group Initiatives

The EHS Charter is posted on all Group sites.

The Charter presents Saint-Gobain’s long term objectives.

  • Zero work-related accidents
  • Zero professional illnesses
  • Zero environmental accidents
  • Minimum impact on the environment by our activities


Health and Safety

Health and Safety, which together form the first part of our EHS policy, directly contribute to the improvement of working conditions and to the well-being of everyone.

  • Implement the Saint-Gobain EHS Management System
  • All sites must comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety standards
  • Train all staff members according to the Saint-Gobain EHS training matrix
  • All modifications and developments of processes, equipment, products and all investments must include assessments of EHS risks and comply with EHS standards
  • Every Delegation must draw up an action plan for the implementation of the Health Policy


Environmental Impact

Saint-Gobain has identified 5 main challenges that it has to tackle regarding its environmental impact.

  • Raw Materials and Waste
  • Energy, Air Emissions and Climate Change
  • Water Withdrawal and Discharge
  • Biodiversity and Land Use
  • Environmental Accidents and Nuisances


Saint-Gobain has to deal with these challenges for its three activities.

  • Operations: Activities of extraction (mines and quarries), raw materials purchasing, production, storage and related transportation within the site perimeter (forklifts, trolleys, etc.)
  • Transportation: Activities of transportation outside the site perimeter, including both goods transportation (inter-site and delivery transportation) and staff transportation (employee travel and commuting)
  • Infrastructure and Support Functions: Activities of site management (sales outlets, building and road maintenance, lighting, heating, etc.) and administrative tasks