Corporate Philosophy

Information about our corporate philosophy and principles that shape the Group, as well as the Group's mission founded on those values.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Saint-Gobain Group

“Developing new materials and services for the habitat of the future”


In habitat and construction markets, and in related innovative materials markets, Saint-Gobain offers local solutions tailored to the needs of both emerging and developed countries in each of the 64 countries where we operate today.

Saint-Gobain offers an unrivalled portfolio of products, solutions and services, based on the history of 350 years of innovation and research and development efforts drawing strength from the Group's global network.

Saint-Gobain has placed at the heart of its strategy global preoccupations such as the search for energy-saving solutions and the reduction of CO2emissions. We have resolved to serve as a leading example in the management of energy consumption, plant emissions and energy performance in office buildings.

As the world’s largest building materials manufacturer, Saint-Gobain will deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for the habitat of the future.

Pierre-André de Chalendar
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Saint-Gobain Group


Professional commitment, Respect for others, Integrity, Loyalty, and Solidarity

The Saint-Gobain Group operates in 64 countries worldwide. This geographic and cultural diversity contributes greatly to the innovation that drives our multinational business, and it is underpinned by a set of common values that guide us in whatever we do, and wherever in our network we do it. Our values are: professional commitment; respect for others; integrity; loyalty; and solidarity; and we strive to ensure that these values are reflected in the day-to-day policies and actions of all management and staff.




Respect for the law, Caring for the environment, Worker health and safety, and Employee rights

Principles for action govern the activities of all management teams and employees in the exercise of their professional responsibilities, and are defined as respect for the law, caring for the environment, worker health and safety, and employee rights. Group management undertakes awareness and training programs to promote these principles across the Group, and branches and delegations report regularly to the general management of the Group on how the principles are being applied.