Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation

Saint-Gobain Group has established the Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation—a corporate foundation—in 2008 to provide support for non-profit activities that are in line with our corporate strategic approaches.

As a global leader in the residential housing and construction market, the Saint-Gobain Group is engaged in unceasing efforts to achieve innovations and improvements to relevant technologies with the goal of cultivating more comfortable, economical and sustainable lifestyles around the world. We also serve as a leader in each field, proposing solutions in important areas such as energy conservation and environmental preservation in order to contribute to society.


The Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation is a corporate foundation established as part of these social contribution efforts to provide support for non-profit activities that are in line with our corporate strategic approaches. Since its establishment in 2008, the Foundation has been assigned a budget of around 4.3 million euro, has approved 54 projects in 20 different countries around the world.

Project Examples

Housing construction project to provide support for the needy in suburban areas

  • Region: Republic of South Africa
  • Sponsoring Organization: NGO Habitat for Humanity
  • Budget: €470,000


Housing construction project for low-income persons

  • Region: United States of America
  • Sponsoring Organization: NPO Matthew 25: Ministries
  • Budget: €36,900


Housing construction project for young mothers and children living under poor social conditions

  • Region: Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Sponsoring Organization: NPO Lua Nova
  • Budget: €220,000



Project to renovate sightseeing boats and repurpose them as emergency evacuation points for persons facing severe hardship

  • Region: French Republic
  • Sponsoring Organization: La Peniche du Coeur
  • Budget: €152,042


Project to construct water purification systems for villages that are not able to utilize wells

  • Region: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Sponsoring Organization: Enfants du Vietnam
  • Budget: €15,000



Housing construction project for persons classified as "untouchables," persons suffering from leprosy and etc.

  • Region: Republic of India
  • Sponsoring Organization: Lycee Saint-Genevieve
  • Budget: €30,000

Introduction of Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation


For detailed information on undertakings of the Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation, please refer to the PDF reports.

Project Examples

We provide support for projects that meet the following criteria and successfully pass the screening process.


Types of Projects Supported

We provide support for projects conducted for any of the following three purposes: vocational training for young persons; construction, renovation and so forth of facilities (housing, schools, care provision centers, etc.) that take in the needy; and implementation of energy conservation, environmental protection and/or other such measures in the aforementioned types of facilities.

  • Occupational training for young persons through housing-field work
  • Construction, rebuilding and reform of housing for the needy
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection measures in housing for the needy


Organization Providing Project Support

Association, non-governmental organization (NGO), fund, or other non-profit organization (NPO)


Target Region

Priority is given to regions where the Saint-Gobain Group has a presence in order to ensure strong local ties between the sponsoring organization and the project.


In-house Support

Priority is given to those receiving support from Saint-Gobain Group employees in order to ensure high-level team commitment, which is important for seeing onsite projects through to completion.


Technological Feasibility

Specialized Saint-Gobain Group staffs perform evaluations to determine whether or not project implementation is feasible from a technological standpoint.

Project Flow

As an example, the following explanation is based on a renovation project for a facility that takes in the needy. The project follows the steps below from project proposal to completion.


Step 1: Project Startup

Saint-Gobain Group employees initiate the project.


Step 2: Submission of a Written Proposal

Saint-Gobain Group employees submit a written proposal to the Foundation. (The proposal review process may take several months.)


Step 3: Creation of an Evaluation File

A coordinating team at the Foundation creates an evaluation file.


Step 4: Review by the Screening Committee

Members of the Foundation's screening committee review the project based on the evaluation file and either approve or reject it.


Step 5: Project Implementation and Regular Monitoring

If the project is approved, the proposing party implements the project and submits reports to the Foundation on a regular basis.

Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation Contact Information


Contact Information

If you wish to participate in a project, please contact us through the following page.

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Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation

The latest information on the Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation can be found on the Saint-Gobain global website (available in English and French). We hope you will take a look.

Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation