Environmental Initiatives

Saint-Gobain places great emphasis on environmental considerations when expanding our business. We are focused on achieving zero environmental accidents and limiting environmental impacts.

As a leading industrial group, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We have clearly defined group-wide policies that cover everything from site management to emissions, backed by specific programs through which we are making tangible reductions in the impact of our business on the environment.

Saint-Gobain is a major proponent of recycling. Group companies are using an ever-increasing proportion of recycled glass, scrap metal and cast iron among raw materials entering their furnaces, and we carefully analyze all our manufacturing and recycling processes to identify opportunities for further improvement.

Saint-Gobain Group Initiatives


Saint-Gobain’s, the world leader on habitat and construction markets, intends to provide innovative solutions to the challenges of saving energy and protecting the environment.
Around 30% of our net sales and 40% of our operating profit derive from solutions to save energy, produce clean energy and protect the environment.

Via its products, the Group undertakes to:

  • Limit the environmental impact made by buildings
  • Promoting renewable energies
  • Manage the water cycle
  • Design cleaner vehicles
  • Raise awareness on environmental issues


Our processes

The Group's strategic positioning on energy saving and environmental protection implies setting a flawless example. This is why the Group is making undertakings which exceed current regulatory demands to:

  • Limit emissions into the air
  • Manage natural resources
  • Reduce waste and promote recycling


We use wood from only sustainable sources.

Saint-Gobain’s technology is used in solar energy generating systems.