Business Overview of Saint-Gobain in Japan

The Saint-Gobain Group carries out business operations in the three diverse fields of innovative materials, construction products and building distribution. In Japan, Saint-Gobain operates in the fields of innovative materials and construction products.

Business overview of Saint-Gobain in Japan


As a worldwide leader in sustainable habitat, Saint-Gobain combines its products and services into innovative solutions that address not only customers' needs but also the global challenges of growth, energy and the environment.

The Asia-Pacific region has remained a priority in Saint-Gobain’s international expansion strategy, and when the Group opened its first site in the region, it was in 1917 in Japan. Our nearly 900 employees in Japan work in building and automotive glass, ceramics, plastics, crystals, abrasives, technical fabrics and insulation, supplying leading industries with sophisticated products and technical services.

The Japanese market for technical materials is one of the most advanced in the world, which high quality production is required. Saint-Gobain views Japan as a center of innovation, and we strive to meet the customers’ needs for improvement and perfection.

Products offered by Saint-Gobain in Japan


Saint-Gobain in Japan offers various products and solutions for sustainable buildings, cleaner transportation, quality healthcare, and high-performance manufacturing.

Saint-Gobain offers solutions to improve interior air quality and light management.



Saint-Gobain offers a broad, diversified range of building materials for the newbuilding and renovation markets, providing comprehensive solutions for the building envelope all the way down to the interior fittings. These solutions are used in all types of projects, both residential (single-family homes and apartment buildings) and non-residential (offices, public buildings, stores, hotels and other facilities). These solutions contribute to the energy performance, comfort, attractiveness and environmental and health performance of buildings.


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  • Construction
  • Home equipment/Food Industry
  • Electronics


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Products from Saint-Gobain ISOVER and Saint-Gobain Sekurit are featured in the railway cars of the first high-speed train line in northeastern China, connecting Harbin and Dalian.



Saint-Gobain supplies high-performance products to manufacturers in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries. The Group’s innovative solutions respond to current challenges in this leading-edge sector, including achieving greater energy efficiency (notably through the use of lighter-weight materials), enhancing connectivity and addressing the specific needs of emerging markets.


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  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace


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Supercontryx® glazing from Glassolutions Sovis protects against X-rays used in radiology.



Saint-Gobain supplies the healthcare market with high-performance plastic materials and components used in an extensive array of applications. Group products are present everywhere in hospitals, the pharmaceuticals industry and research laboratories.


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  • Medical/Life Science


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GlasGrid® paving reinforcement from Saint-Gobain Adfors protects asphalt roads, airport runways and bridges from cracks.



Saint-Gobain develops solutions for numerous industries, always providing added value and a high level of technical excellence. Both heavy industry and high-tech manufacturing benefit from the Group’s innovation capabilities. Industrial niches, which are ideal for co-development strategies, are sources of growth.


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  • Energy


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