NORSEAL® is a foam product based on silicone, polyurethane and PVC. With a lineup of extruded products, sheets and rolls, we can offer solutions that are optimal for your needs.

Saint-Gobain's DYNAFOAM is a gasket product compatible with automatic application systems such as sunroofs, door modules, headlamps and window sealants that can be used in automobiles and general industrial products. Because Dynaform can be applied to three-dimensional shapes, it offers more freedom in part design.

Green Glue® is a visco-elastic soundproofing material to make the living environment comfortable.

Green Glue is an effective solution for individuals, hotel owners, architects, or home theater enthusiasts and sound professionals who are looking for effective ways to prevent sound leaks, who want to manage life noise It will be one.

For more information about products, please refer to the Green Glue website.


Heat is a factor that degrades performance for microprocessors and other electronic components. Saint-Gobain's THERMACOOL products are heat-dissipating sheets that can be used for heat protection.