CHEMFAB® is a functional PTFE fabric solution that offers the most consistent performance in a wide range of applications. Saint-Gobain works closely with our customers to develop products with long-term durability suitable for various applications, tailored to our customers' needs. Our Chemi-Fab brand has offices around the world. For more information on Chemifab and its entire product line, please visit the website below or contact our expert staff directly.


ONESUIT® is a certified, high-performance protective clothing that people who may come in contact with hazardous substances use when dealing with chemical hazards and when they need maximum protection. is. One suit is designed for maximum protection with maximum comfort. Therefore, the user can concentrate on the work in front of the eyes. If you are concerned about safety, try this product!


SHIERFILL® helps you achieve free architectural design. This product is used for the most beautiful and energy efficient sports facilities, stations and airport facilities, landmark buildings, or canopy and skylights. With our membrane materials, architects will be able to freely create and design structures that could only be realized in the past. And, comfortable light can be taken into the open and spacious indoor. In addition, it can be used as a backlit at night, symbolizing architectural structures full of character against the sky.

SHEERGARD is intended for system integrators, manufacturers and operators who need to maximize system protection while optimizing system performance. It is also a product designed for high-performance aircraft and ground radomes.

CORETECH® is a flexible composite technology customized for users and manufacturers of products that require high levels of chemical and biological barrier performance. We have realized cost-effective, high-performance products.


Designed for applications under harsh conditions-. CHEMFILM® offers a wide variety of high-performance polymer films. Through the experience of selecting and processing high quality polymers for over 40 years, Saint-Gobain offers special films that combine temperature characteristics, chemical characteristics, and dielectric properties that are suitable for customer applications. We use all kinds of polymers such as FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, PI, UHMW PE, etc. Chemfilm is a product for extremely demanding film applications, and long-term customer partner It is a possible product.

Saint-Gobain's FLUOROWRAP® is characterized as being designed to provide excellent electrical insulation. Fluorowrap solutions include fluorine films and heat sealable multilayer films made of polyimide / fluorine composite films. These products are designed to meet the most demanding electrical insulation requirements and are used primarily in the aerospace, electronics, energy industry and general industrial areas.