Inorganic scintillator

Applications: Radiation detection for gamma rays, x-rays, beta rays, alpha rays, neutron rays, particle rays, etc., radiation monitors, array detectors for diagnostic imaging

Features: High sensitivity due to high light yield, high atomic number and high density, high radiation absorptivity and compact size possible. The emission wavelength matches well with the sensitivity of the photomultiplier tube, photodiode, etc., and the transparency to the emission wavelength is excellent. The decay time is also very fast and the energy resolution is excellent. You can choose from a wide lineup of products that meet various requirements such as energy resolution, luminescence intensity, decay time, and stopping power.

Organic scintillator

Application: Radiation detection such as gamma ray, X ray, beta ray, alpha ray, neutron ray, particle beam, radiation monitor

Features: The high speed makes it possible to handle high counting rates, and also suitable for applications such as TOF. For neutrons, it is also possible to distinguish from gamma rays by waveform discrimination, and to improve thermal neutron sensitivity by the addition of boron, gadolinium and lithium. The emission wavelength matches the sensitivity of photomultiplier tubes, photodiodes, etc. and has excellent transparency. Various shapes are possible because of easy molding and processing. It has no deliquescent nature. When used as a wavelength shifter, it is possible to match the emission wavelength sensitivity, and it is also possible to increase the efficiency because of its isotropy. In the case of liquid, it can be mixed with the radiation source, thus maximizing the detection efficiency. You can choose the product that matches your purpose from our extensive lineup that is suitable for various applications such as various time constants and addition of deuterium.