NORBOND® is a foam double-sided tape with an acrylic adhesive coated on an acrylic polyurethane polyurethane foam substrate. A wide variety of lineups are available, so it is possible to propose welding solutions that meet your needs.

THERMALBOND® is a spacer tape for temporarily fixing glass. It has led the industry for many years as a spacer tape for the SSG method. In recent years, the height of buildings has been increasing, and design has become more unique. The use of thermal bonds allows more freedom in design.

CHR® adhesive tape is a product that is specialized for extremely demanding conditions. CHR® tapes are composed of various substrates including fluoropolymers, polyimides, glass fabrics, foils, polyesters, and acrylics, silicones, natural rubber and proprietary adhesive systems. This product is well suited to the harsh conditions of general industrial, energy, aerospace, electronics, commercial and other applications.